One of the common pests that attack the horses is the horse fly. This species of fly has the fiercest bite since they possess scissor-like mandibles that rip through the flesh of the horse. While the male horse flies are non-aggressive, the females are vicious bloodsuckers that feed on the blood of the horse. Their bite is so painful that they aggravate the horse, making the horse feel restless and frustrated to ward off their attacks. The bites of the horse flies can lead to severe irritation and itching on the horse’s skin. What’s worse is that they can cause spread of diseases like anthrax and equine infectious anemia. Because of the serious consequences that the horse flies can inflict onto your horses, it is really essential that you get rid of them. There are several ways you can employ to eliminate these pests.

Prevention is the key. To avoid horse fly infestation in your barn or stable area, you must stay on top of sanitation. Maintain a clean environment in your horses’ stable. Clean up properly the horse’s manure which is often what attracts the flies. Because the horse flies breed on moist soil and near the water, eliminate stagnant water in your area. Cut down the grass and dispose of the garbage properly.

When horse flies are on the premises already, you can make use of the fly traps. Hang these fly strips and fly containers around your stable and even place them a good distance away to bait and trap these pests. You may also fashion in automatic time-controlled chemical sprays into your barn. The sprays will rain down mists throughout the area to drive away the house flies. The sprays are laced with pyrethrins, a chemical obtained from chrysanthemums, which is safe for the horses.

Finally, you can apply onto your horse products that are horse fly repellent to protect its skin. Another way is to cover up your horse with protective material. You can put onto your horse fly masks, ear covers and leg netting so that the horse flies cannot bit into these parts.