One of the most important things you should provide for your horses are the beddings. Today, there are different kinds that you can use and most of the times the availability of the materials in your area will affect your options. You may just need a dumpster rental Atlanta to come so you can get all new bedding. Below are some of the options you can use to ensure that your equines stay warm and comfortable even during the extreme weather conditions.


For young foals and mares, clean straws are preferred by many horse breeders. Straws can also be a tasty treat for some horses. If you are keeping your horses on a strict diet, this may not be a good option to use. Oat straws are tasty and are also very absorbent. When selecting a straw to use, choose those that do not have dust and molds in them. Stay away from saturated straws as they are difficult to get rid or clean out when you want to separate manure from clean bedding. On an average sized stall, two bales of straw will be adequate but you might want to add more when your horse is foaling or when the weather temperature gets too cold.


If you want an easy option, shavings are reliable to use. In fact they are used more commonly today as they can be easily purchased from a feed store or can be delivered by a truck right at your doorstep. When you want this option, make sure to use a special kinds of manure fork so you can pick or scoop out manure from the shavings. That way, you don’t pick out too much clean shaving. To make sure the shavings do not puncture your horses, check for any splinters as you try to spread them evenly. Go for soft wood shavings because they are safer to use. Be very specific with the type of shavings you want for your horses when you need to order them from a lumber mill. Aside from shavings, you can also make use of sawdust but make sure to also know the kind of wood they come from. Though sawdust may not be the best bedding option in your horse stables, it can be used as occasional last resort bedding. You can make use of barn mats as additional beddings for your horses. Barn mats are very comfortable and easy to use. You can get them in different sizes and blends well with different kinds of shavings.

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