The memory of past moments disappears from our memories over time. The photographs, witnesses of the time, help to remember the events that marked our own history.

Your wedding photos are there to you to (re)-discover your best memories at will! You may make an album, or choose from many photo personalized gifts to put your special day on.This heavy responsibility therefore for the photographer chosen by you. Only a professional with an experienced eye will seize the opportunity, because, remember, your day is unique, no second chances! So here are a few simple tips which shall assist you in choosing the best wedding photographer.

How to find the best wedding photographer?

Check with your friends who have already used their services. The best photographers become known by word of mouth. It is a guarantee of quality. Check out the magazines in the picture and image. Many professionals are doing their advertising.

Meet the photographers

There are only a few, now comes the time to meet… What, what should we observe? A few tips for maintenance. Before you begin, relax and stay natural: the photographer must know you get comfortable and fit your needs… for him to seduce you and to establish a relationship of trust!

What preparation?

1. Before planning a list of questions (price, a possibility of special rates for family and guests, sales fashion clichés, etc.) … ask the photographer’s advice for beautiful pictures and feel free to review!

2. Ask him/her to prepare more selections photo wedding, preferably performed at the same time as yours!

3. At the appointment, make sure you are dealing with a passion … and prepare the pictures of your loved ones (so that locates people to shoot) and feel free to submit examples Photos wedding that you like.

4. Do not hesitate to ask your questions to the photographer. For example, if you want to have group photos and the photographer does not show a sample on its site, ask him why. In short if you are meeting your photographer make sure you are satisfied by his solutions.

5. To ensure that the photographer’s style matches your check out his website. Ask to see at least one report in its entirety to assess the homogeneity of the work of the photographer. Do not assume that because a professional photographer, he is necessarily good.

Select your photographer

You met several photographers but you hesitate to determine which one suits you … How to determine its photographer and choose the delivery?

* Rates / package: evaluate the whole service! Carefully consider the totality of services in the evaluation of the budget. Differentiate the various packages offered by the photographer, and decide based on your requirements.

* Contract: Be sure to get a contract as specific as possible, to avoid unpleasant surprises you the next day. Check for the sale of rights in photographs, the name / position of the person who will perform pictures (you meet), and the products included in the offer!

* Your photographer:

– Check references: Is there a website (or imagery sheet)? If so, it must be kept and regularly updated (presentation, a photo of him, etc.). If the photographer has several specialties, make sure it is a wedding photography enthusiast!

– Observe its equipment: the quality of your wedding photos depends on the talent of your photographer but also his tool … your photographer must have at least 2 cameras and multiple objectives.

– Evaluate his work: please evaluate the work of your photographer when viewing photos! Many photographers rework photos after marriage (post-production) and it takes them a long time, so this is an added value compared to those who do not.

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